Sebastian Wild


I am Sebastian, a Software Developer located in Munich, Germany.

Currently I am interested in functional as well as logic programming and how to use these methodologies to develop correct and also parallel/concurrent software systems. In terms of programming languages I am mostly interested in Haskell, OCaml, Erlang, Scala as well as Lisp and it’s dialects. I enjoy exploring how we as developers can make use of mathematics to build reliable and scalable software.

Corinna Siena

Online Marketing Manager - Experteer GmbH

I am Corinna Siena, a Online Marketing Manager located in Munich, Germany.

My main focuses are Display and Performance Marketing, RTB and Social Media Marketing. My first steps into the Online Marketing world were through SEO and Content Marketing Optimization, which are currently areas of high interest for me.

In my leausure time I love cooking: in order to turn it into something more than a hobby and do it as most often as I can, I launched a blog in three languages,,,